What are the Key Elements for Your Website?

So, you are an entrepreneur… You’ve created a product, or maybe you are in the process of launching your first product. Maybe you’re planning and developing a range of services to offer others. You may be overwhelmed with the entire process as well as getting the word out about your business. From experience, as a serial entrepreneur myself with hundreds of products and services under my belt, I can tell you that one of the most valuable pieces of marketing that you can invest in is your “digital business card.” Officially: your website. Gone are the days of just creating paper fliers, postcards and business cards to promote yourself and your business. In today’s digital society you must have a website.

Your website will need several key elements. These elements include:

An Identifying URL. When I say identifying it needs to represent you, preferably you will snag your own name for a dot com, for example, I own this URL, KristenJoysBlog.com which has my name in it. I also own TheCasualEntrepreneurs.com, the name of my brand. Your own name.com will probably be your first choice, but you may also choose the name of your business.

Pictures. Let’s face it people like to identify with you. They desire to see your face, look at your smile, and connect with you, then your goods aren’t just physical products or your services aren’t just something you “do,” but a story from a real person that they have looked at even if it was only a face on the Internet.  People are also more likely to buy a product if they are able to see it, so be sure to put your products’ photos (various angles, if necessary) on there as well.

Contact information. People want to know they can contact you. Even if you can’t respond to the inquiries personally you will gain credibility by being accessible to your customers. Be sure to include at least an email address. You may or may not choose to include a phone number.

A blog. A blog is a perfect way to continue to share your knowledge and experience with your customers as well as to create credibility and a connection with those coming to your site or hearing about you for the first time. This will also allow you to connect with your followers by encouraging them to comment and then interacting with them via the blog.

Testimonials and reviews. The cold hard fact is that people want to see that your products and/or services are useful and well-liked by others. So, posting testimonials and reviews of your offers is a must. People buy most often based on someone else’s recommendation, so use that to your advantage filling your site with positive reviews and testimonials.

Your website can do great things for you and the success of your business, so you want to be sure to spend the time and/or money that it takes to make it be a place that you can be proud of. You won’t regret it.

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