3 Step Marketing Plan For Your Business

Three steps to marketing a business, can it really be that easy? The answer is: Yes!

The truth is, most of us make marketing our businesses much too difficult. We complicate the process when it is really as simple as one, two, three. Here are the three essential steps to marketing your business.

Step 1: Create your logo or brand. A logo or brand is an emblem or symbol, something that represents your business. It is how consumers or clients will recognize you. For example, Nike is recognized by the swoosh, Coca-Cola by the red can with white writing, Target by the big red symbol. We as consumers recognize these well-known brands because they have established themselves with a particular emblem or symbol. We as business owners must do this for our businesses in order to be recognized and stand out from our competition.

Step 2: Create your website and your online presence. A website is a must for every business. It is your home on the web and where most everyone will find you. Very rarely these days does anyone go to the Yellow Pages to find the product or service that they are looking for. Rather, they do an online search. This is why you need a website. You also need an online presence. You want to show up all over the Internet. This leads us to step three.

Step 3: Network, network, network! Join social networking sites, create a blog and post articles to it, article market-get your business and your brand out there. But don’t just limit the networking to the internet. The great thing about our world today is we have the power to connect our online and offline worlds. So, connect online then take your connections offline Go to networking events, attend conferences, network both online and off and watch your sphere of influence grow and your business explode.

Marketing truly can be done in three easy steps. Wherever you are in your business, take the necessary steps to market it effectively. Start where you are and work your way forward. You may be surprised at the results!

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