[VIDEO] The Power of One

We could all use a little encouragement right now. So the hubs re-created an inspirational video he initially made back in 2007… Here’s the new HD version. May it uplift your spirits! (Yeah, I teared up when I watched it… Getting soft in my old age! LOL)

A note from Tony: “Back in 2007, I created a video as an experiment and posted it on YouTube. The video was called, The Power of One. Over the years, the video was used at weddings, in church, for school graduations, and more! With over 522K views, I would say the experiment worked. Unfortunately, the technology 13 years ago wasn’t what it is today. So I decided to recreate a 21st-century version in HD. I hope you enjoy it!”

PS – If you’re interested in seeing HOW he created this video click here to check out his 3-hour over-the-shoulder training.

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