How to Gain Credibility for Your Business with a Book

Is your business running smoothly, despite the rocky economy, but you desire something more?

Do you want something that will create a solid foundation of clients that will guarantee the next year is profitable?

Do you already have the expertise to offer any new client a wealth of possibilities, but your latest potential client isn’t quite seeing what you have to offer as something that can be a benefit?

One reason is that your credibility, in your potential customers’ eyes, may not be as high as you think. If you see the need to increase your business credibility among your current and potential clients, writing a book can be a great place to start. Worried that it would be a colossal waste of time? It won’t be—and here are a few reasons why.

A Book Presents You as the Expert

If there is one thing that the Internet has provided us, it’s the ability to find answers and information quickly and easily. Unfortunately, it can be hard to differentiate the good from the bad. Misrepresentations, incorrect facts, even biased opinions have all found a home online. Today, students are taught not to completely trust anything they find on the Internet, and with very good reason. Many are still supplementing their online knowledge base with other sources, including books. Whether they are traditional paper editions or online e-books, often people are turning to these resources either for verification of what they’ve found online, or to gain new insight.

So what does this mean to you?  Simply put, over the years, you have become an expert in your chosen field. Experience and education have brought you to the top, and placing a tiny amount of that knowledge into a book can be a great way to show your market the extent of your expertise. Don’t think you’re an expert? I have one question for you: Do you know something someone else doesn’t know?

By providing correct, reliable information through an easy-to-read book, potential clients and current ones will come to rely on you for your counsel and advice. Also, many people view the fact that you even took the time to write a book as a sign of your dedication in your chosen field, a dedication that they feel will (and should) apply to your relationship with them. All these factors will help build your credibility.

A Book Introduces Your Ideas–And Your Solutions

Another way that a book can increase your overall credibility with customers is by introducing them to your ideas in a non-confrontational manner. No one likes a pushy sales person, and a book is one of the least threatening sales pitches available. Many business owners and entrepreneurs have opened doors to new client relationships with a simple e-book explaining how to solve a few of the simple problems that their business addresses. By providing this “free” information, your company can be seen as a viable resource when the situation becomes too complicated to handle without help. It is this willingness to help, without necessarily coming across as a sales person, that can greatly increase your standing in the eyes of others.

These are just two reasons why writing a book can be beneficial to your company. By raising your credibility with those looking for your product or service, you can increase your profit margin by a significant amount. I even have one I am Published! Graduate who told me his return on each book he sells is approximately $8,000 in coaching and mastermind programs and other products. So don’t dismiss the book! It always has and always will provide a wealth of possibilities to even the most thriving business.

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