Are You A Superhero?

Two things come to mind when I picture the “deer in the headlights” look.

  1. A blank page
  2. A to-do list so long you don’t even know where to start.

Both may look different, but they really come from the same place. Overwhelm.


A blank page may not look like much, but there is so much potential that it can cause a sense of paralysis from all of the possibilities it can have. This causes the overwhelming thoughts to kick in and essentially, the deer in the headlights look.

A to-do list a mile long causes much of the same reaction, only difference is you can actually see the list in front of you and it’s most likely that writing is not on it. It’s all things you have to get done, besides what you really want to do, what you are really good at. Writing.

But, who can write when they have so many to-do’s swirling around in their head?

You may just have to realize that you can’t do it all if you want to succeed at writing.

You may have to call for backup.

Yes, that’s right. You may need help.

Think of yourself as a superhero. You take care of your family, you work hard at your business, and you come in and save the day for so many others. Even though I’m sure you make a fantastic superhero to your family and clients, even the best superheroes have sidekicks.

Take Batman for instance. He has the obvious sidekick, Robin, who helps him fight crime, but he also has other people helping him take care of things. He has Alfred to help him with taking care of the estate, the mayor who calls him and tells him where things are going on in the city and a whole team of people under them to help make things happen.

Can you imagine how ineffective Batman would be without having those people around him to help take the load off his shoulders so he can focus on doing what he needs to do?

Can you imagine Batman scrubbing toilets?


That’s not what he’s skilled at doing. Batman’s skill is putting the bad guys in their place and keeping the city safe. It’s his specialty, what he’s known for, and what he’s good at. Whenever someone needs help with that, they call Batman.

Nobody calls Batman to scrub toilets.

If he wants to be an effective crime fighter, he can’t wear all those other hats. He needs help.

What about in your business? Are you wearing all of the hats? What could you use some help in?

Did you know you can hire a Virtual Assistant for a lot of those tasks you may dread doing? Things like:

  1. Social Media Management
  2. Sending out Newsletters and Email Marketing
  3. Website Management
  4. Setting up opt-ins
  5. Email and Helpdesk support
  6. Group and Community support
  7. Layout eBooks and documents before sending them off to your editor
  8. Data Entry
  9. Finding images for blog posts
  10. Laying out blog posts and posting them
  11. And much, much more!

Yes, you can hire your own Robin to help you navigate through all of the things that hold you back from your writing, to help you battle the tasks at hand so you can focus on what you are really good at. Writing.

Want your own sidekick? Visit to set up a free consultation.

Photo courtesy Shutterstock, lassedesignen

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