5 Ways to Profit on Your Book and Business

As an author and business owner, you’re probably leaving cash on the table. You’re so busy cranking out a books, services to launch, and trying to market your current books and services that it’s sometimes difficult to realize you can get a lot from what you already have – simply with some tiny tweaks.

So now is the time to stop leaving money on the table! Try these 5 tweaks:

  • Upsell. When your prospects have purchased one of your products or services, be ready to offer a related product or service to match up with their 1st purchase. For example, once people purchase my Press Release Success program, I provide them an added opportunity to get media lists and extra templates.
  • Downsell. If your first offer is declined, try another route by suggesting a special deal to your prospect. DO NOT supply them the same product or program at a reduced price. As an alternate, offer them a chunk of the merchandise at a cheaper value.
  • Autoresponders. The use of autoresponders keeps your business in front of your purchasers. Get them to sign up for your mailing list and put out some quality info often to keep them interested and build credibility.
  • Quick Sales. Get rid of a number of your recent products. Customers love a sale and it can get them motivated to work with you more.
  • Build Relationships. Building relationships with people gives you additional credibility in your field and makes folks happy. Happy individuals buy more from those they trust. Think of it this approach: Do you actually need somebody to personally hand you a cart like they do at Walmart? Of course not. But a nice, smiling elderly person consistently gets customers in a positive (read: buying) mood with that simple acknowledgement.

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Shannon Cherry, Your Creative Relationship Marketing Expert, helps you do just that by creating a powerful presence to make more money. Her background as a PR and marketing pro, as well as a TV reporter and anchor, combined with a unique ability to see through the clutter, gives her the expertise to build your exposure, increasing your credibility and visibility.

A note from Kristen: These tweaks work well for increasing book sale as well. For instance, if you have more than one book, “upsell” a customer to another book for a special rate if they buy the first at full price. Or “downsell” by offering multiple books in a bundle. Only have one book? Offer another resource to those who buy the book – a special group coaching program, class, etc. Be creative!

Photo courtesy Shutterstock, Olha Solodenko

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