Why I Finally Deleted Facebook o.O

I haven’t posted in a while. I know. Been busy getting sh*t done.

Running the store full-time, implementing/changing all sorts of systems and processes… Slowly bringing some employees back so I can continue to get website work done… and launching a couple new product lines has kept me busy in a positive way.

And also, deleting the FB app from my phone has majorly cut down on my wasted time! (Honestly I get more done watching “Netflix” than I do when FB is open! And before you say, “You shouldn’t Netflix because you should be focusing on your business… Uh, my business is pop culture so TV/movies IS my business… If I’ve learned anything from re-opening the store, it’s that I need to be familiar with what our customers are watching so I can engage them without looking or sounding like a total fool that knows nothing about what we’re selling! HA! Moral of the story… if you want a legit reason to see movies, watch TV, call it “education” and write it all off, open a pop culture retail store… LOL!)

Oh and in the midst of all this my productivity continues to increase due to some “Slight Edge” habits I’ve been implementing… including starting my day with coffee and a chapter in a book – personal development or business (just finished The Slight Edge and almost done with Business for Punks in the past week), listening to a different book on Audible on my way driving to-and-from the store (approx 40 minutes/day, just finished Unf*ck Yourself yesterday and started Outliers today), drinking 1-3 64-oz bottles of green smoothies each day (HELLO, DETOX!), not snacking in the evening and having a big enough dinner/meal I don’t get hungry later, and going to bed as close to 10pm as possible so I wake up earlier in order to fit in all that stuff in the morning…

In case all that makes me sound super-human, I’m not… I’ve been working the past 2 months implementing these habits one at a time, a little bit at a time… not all at once.

I HIGHLY recommend you read The Slight Edge as that’s the book that helped me start these things in a way that’s easy for me to keep up.

In fact read Unf*ck Yourself at the same time if you can… they’re good complementary books and UY is super easy to listen to as the author/narrator is Scottish!

I’m burning my way through books so fast (don’t worry, I have about 300+ in my physical library so I’m set for some time for my morning physical reading) but I’d also LOVE to hear what books on Audible you loved that are interesting and won’t put me to sleep… so, accents are good, academic writing is NOT good, humor is excellent… and… GO!

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