When things don’t go as planned…

It turns out that often things don’t go as planned… First, we were supposed to have an epically romantic send-off by parasailing off the beach to get sunset photos taken. Then a huge storm hit the week before our wedding, causing the tides to get messed up so the boat couldn’t safely come get us. (We’re VERY grateful that storm came the week before our wedding!)

THEN the only bridge within 45 minutes of the location was closed right when family were supposed to arrive for photos due to a major accident. So most of our family and many friends were trapped in the mess for well over an hour… PAST when the wedding itself was supposed to occur.

Factor in the high winds that practically blew the reception tent apart and the mess that ensued from people trying to rescue everything from the chocolate fountain to the decor and pack it up for an emergency off-beach reception location and, well, I almost didn’t even have music to walk down the aisle!

The one thing that saved our day was the relationships we’ve built with many of our business partners (who we also count among our friends), our amazing photographer and family who dove in to help. From moving the entire reception to a hall to making sure the cake didn’t get destroyed in the hustle, they kept coming to us the entire time asking, “How else can I help?” Many of them, like Natalie who filmed the Live video and Felicia who took over em-ceeing the reception didn’t sign up for those roles, they just jumped in.

That’s the power of building relationships with people who empower you, believe in you and have the ability to lower your stress and clear a path… in my case, LITERALLY a path down the aisle toward my now husband!

Without having built these relationships in my business over the last 6+ years, I wouldn’t have had positive people encouraging me when inside I was ready to scream. Yes, the ceremony was beautiful. The photos are awesome. The surprise guest was incredible. And while I remember experiencing a rough, stress-filled event that got started an hour and a half late, all everyone else will see was an absolutely amazing sunset beach wedding… and me actually not falling apart. 😉

This is why I became a coach. A coach sees the ugly stuff. And in spite of that, a coach pushes you to be the best version of yourself, to put out your message or story in a way that’s going to reflect your awesomeness, and lets you vent your frustrations, then clears the path for your success so you can actually SEE the final result.

I’ve had dozens of people ask me if I have any coaching openings, so until I’m back in the office after my honeymoon, I’m running my Kristen On Demand sessions at a special discount. (Reserve your spot now at the discount and set your appointment for after I’m back!) Schedule your On Demand session today to get unstuck, clear away your frustrations, get your exact questions answered and see if we’re a good fit to work more long-term together.

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I’ll talk to you soon!

Kristen Joy (Laidig)
The Book Ninja

P.S. Many have asked about it and while the sound isn’t the best due to the wind, here’s the Facebook Live video of the ceremony! Enjoy! (Click the video below.)


Wedding photo ©Kristie Cooper, Used with Permission

Facebook Live video run by Natalie Marie Collins

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  • Kat Sturtz
    September 14, 2016

    Amazing post and coaching insights, Mrs. Laidig. 🙂

  • Kathleen Gresham
    September 14, 2016

    I am so happy for you two!