Thoughts on the End of 2012 and a New Year

Here we are again, the end of another year. This year saw many “ends” for my family: the end of my husband’s corporate job, the end of some major debt we’ve been trying to pay down for the past few years, the end of any family living remotely close to us and let’s not forget the end of the Mayan calendar… or was that the end of Twinkies that everyone on Facebook was so worked up about?2012 also saw the beginning of many amazing things… The beginning of my husband’s new career at my side in our business, the beginning of running a debt-free business (can I get a YAY!!!?), the beginning of new friendships that have made this holiday season extraordinary, the beginning of our local acapella vocal group, the beginning of a healthier lifestyle for me personally (no more Twinkies!), and the beginning of forging ahead into the unknown without the aid of the handy dandy Mayan calendar…To me, this is the best way I can start a new year. How about you? Did your 2012 see any “ends” or “beginnings” you can celebrate? I know many of you “ended” your goal of writing a book and “began” your role as a published author. Congrats to all of you who made this achievement! Some of you had other “ends” and “beginnings” that interfered with your book goals, and that’s OK. Sometimes you need to let go and embrace new things in order to better position yourself for the reward of having your book published.

2013 is a time for new goals, new dreams, and new horizons to be reached. It’s time to dust off old manuscripts and breathe into them new life. So when you’re finished celebrating and have awoken from your fruitcake coma, take some time to map out your book goals for 2013. The bigger the goals, the better!

Let’s leave 2012 putting an “end” to things of the past and start 2013 with a fresh perspective! Have a wonderful holiday season and an amazing new year!
To your success,
Kristen Eckstein
Photo courtesy Shutterstock, penguiin

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