The Silver Lining

A quote from You are a Badass at Making Money: “You can’t see the silver lining through victim goggles.”

Sometimes “victimhood” is as subtle as saying things like “I can’t afford” or “It only works for other people” or “Some people are just wired for success but I’m not.”

Usually what we think is a victim mindset is much more obvious than what a victim mindset actually is in reality.

This week I’m challenging myself (and you if you’re ready to take this leap) to pay close attention to any thought, especially thoughts that are patterns, and ask myself:

  1. Does this thought lean toward me being a victim of someone/something?
  2. Is this a thought I’ve had before? and finally…
  3. If there was a silver lining what would it be?

Don’t get me wrong… it seems simple but this is genuine real WORK.

I’ve been learning over the past 8 years or so that EVERYTHING is rooted in mindset. Success, money, motivation, love, dreams… or lack thereof can always be traced back to our mindset.

My chief habit is to put myself down and punish myself for making even the tiniest of mistakes… especially if that mistake lets down another person. But that mindset no longer serves me so I’m actively making myself become more aware of it and to stop being a victim of my own self-righteous pedestal.

I’m human, I make mistakes and I own up to them. But owning my mistakes doesn’t give me a right to victimize myself, holding myself back from all my potential and purpose.

So if you’re one I’ve ever let down or disappointed for any reason, I’m genuinely sorry. But I’m done punishing myself for being human. That habit needs to die in order for me to be what I’m called to be.

What victimizing habit do you need to kill today in order to accomplish what’s in your heart to do?

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