How to Get through Major Overwhelm

It’s Monday, and I don’t know about you, but I woke up this morning needing some serious motivation! My house was a mess, and I needed to “clean” before the housekeepers came. My email Inbox was overflowing with spam and messages from clients. My Facebook account was showing almost 50 notifications and private messages, even though I checked it throughout the weekend.

Talk about feeling overwhelmed!

So how did I get out of my funk and get motivated? Well, first, there’s nothing like a little accountability to get your butt off the couch and moving. Since I couldn’t change my housekeeping appointment, I had to unpack that six weeks’ worth of luggage strewn all over my house and get the pile of weekend dishes out of the way.

Then I remembered what my awesome friend Therese Sparby said in her keynote at the NAMS conference a couple weekends ago, “Conquer the thing you fear most – FIRST thing in the morning.” I have to admit, I fear email. I’ve had everything from major hate mail and my life threatened to sweet, uplifting notes of encouragement, and unlike a box of chocolates that’s sure to contain chocolate, with email I never know what I’m going to get. Sometimes it’s a can of worms. Other times it’s warm fuzzies. And today I knew it would be a pile of to-dos added to my already extensive to-do list.

So as soon as the house was picked up, I went through the 100+ messages in my Inbox. And ya know, it wasn’t as bad as my imagination made it out to be! I got through it and now I’m on to the next part of my day – planning out fun messages to you for the next couple of weeks. (I hate planning anything, so that’s another “fear” I’m conquering today!)

What fears are you going to conquer today? This week? What are you going to tackle that you’ve been putting off? I encourage you to dive right in and face it. It won’t be as scary as you make it up to be and you’re sure to come out on the other side the superhero I know you are inside!

Want help finding YOUR inner superhero?

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