Monday Motivation – Give yourself time to…

It’s Monday, and I don’t know about you, but sometimes the entire day goes by before I get motivated to actually get out of bed and DO something. Today’s no exception. I slept in until 10:30am and even then had trouble pulling myself out from underneath my warm, comfy blankets.

Maybe it’s because I stayed away from email during the weekend, so I knew there would be a pile of to-dos once I got in the office. Maybe it’s because today I had a dentist appointment… Yeah, that could be it.

Or maybe it’s for no better reason than the fact that it’s Monday.

Whatever the case, I got out of bed, conquered the email, make some solid progress on the to-dos, and survived the dentist. How did I do it?

The fact is, sometimes I have to give myself TIME. Time to take my time making breakfast. Time to relax in-between appointments. Time to respond to that email instead of jumping on it right away. And permission to take the time I need to relax.

So your motivation for this Monday is to give yourself time to… whatever. Don’t push it. Don’t rush. Whether it’s getting motivated to get your next book written or write the next blog post, give yourself time.

What I’ve discovered is that when I take TIME for what’s really important – that is, my family, friends, and my own self-care – the “stuff” on my to-do list happens faster and becomes a lot less hard.

Now it’s your turn. What are you going to give yourself permission to take TIME to do? (Comment below!)

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  • Susie
    April 10, 2014

    You are so right on Kristen! When I worked out of the home, it was easier to get up and get out. I had a strict schedule. But now that I’m working from home again, it’s more difficult to get up early and get going. When I have pressing things to complete, I get up and get moving. But some days, I need time to move slowly, time to leave the Internet for later, and sometimes – time to just sit outside for a few moments. It’s healthy and rejuvenating! I love to read your articles. Thank you!
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