Kindle Monday – What Goes Where in Your Non-Fiction Book?

I must admit, I got so excited about writing the next book in this Author’s Quick Guide series that I forgot to post about this week’s e-book!

One major reason non-fiction authors procrastinate is because they get stuck on how to organize their books.

  • What goes where?
  • Do you need a Preface?
  • Foreword?
  • Introduction?
  • Does the About the Author go at the front or the back?
  • Should your book have an Index?

This book answers all these questions – and more! After you devour this Author’s Quick Guide, you’ll have everything you need to organize your next book so you can quickly get it written and released to the world!

Click here to grab this Kindle book and solve the mystery of how to organize your non-fiction book today!

Photo courtesy Shutterstock, smolaw

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