Kindle Monday – How to Edit Your Book!

In this fast-paced publishing world, many aspiring authors get excited in the early stages of book publishing, jump the gun, and gloss over the editing process or skip it entirely. Their reasons could be budget, time constraints, or they think they’re good enough they don’t need editing.

Here’s the truth: No one’s writing is good enough to not need another set of eyes looking it over. No one’s, so I highly recommend you have at least one more set of eyes look over your manuscript before sending it to print.

This e-book will help you discover:

  • How to self-edit your manuscript
  • How to find free editors to help your budget
  • What type of professional editor to hire and where exactly to find your perfect match
  • How to format your manuscript for editing

By the end of this Author’s Quick Guide, you’ll have everything you need to polish your words and have a book you’re proud to show off!

Disclaimer: For those of you collecting all my Author’s Quick Guide e-books, some of the material in this e-book can also be found in the editing section of Author’s Quick Guide to Turning Your Speech into a Book.

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