Kindle Monday – Beat procrastination and perfectionism once and for all!

How do you beat procrastination and limit your perfectionistic tendencies? Is there a secret formula? Is this just one more book to read on the subject? Absolutely not. In true Author’s Quick Guide form, this e-book will give you the motivation you need to press through and tools you can implement immediately to help you reach your book writing goals.

It’s time for you to discover:

  • Why your message matters
  • 12 reasons why you’re good enough to write a book
  • Where perfectionism comes from and how to quit using it as an excuse to procrastinate
  • How exactly to take action to achieve your book-writing dream

By the end of this Author’s Quick Guide, you’ll have everything you need to beat procrastination, control your perfectionism, and take action to get your book written today!

Click here to get your copy today!

Photo courtesy Shutterstock, Artur Szczybylo

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