I stood at the brink of a cliff…

Too often we go through life trying to do everything the hard way – or worse – expecting people around us to be able to read our minds. This is especially the case in client-vendor relationships. In fact, it’s so common in the realm of book production we now use it as a bit of a joke when embarking on the “read your mind” phase of a book cover design. The fact remains, we as human beings have an issue – a big issue. We don’t ask for help when we desperately need it, when we’re at our wits end, then we blame loved ones and those closest to us for not being there when we need it. My eyes were opened to this human condition in my own life this week.

I was at Yellowstone National Park and I saw an Asian family enjoying a bubbling brook. Minding my own business eating my lunch, I was enjoying watching the father take pictures of his teenage daughter playing in what looked to be the refreshing creek while her mom watched from the shore. After lunch, I wandered down to the stream’s edge.

IMG_6089Here’s the thing… the only really accessible point to the water was right in the view of the father’s camera. Not wanting to interrupt, I went to another more steep point and started contemplating how I could dip my feet into the cool stream without breaking my neck on the way down the bank. The teenage girl’s mother, who appeared to not even speak much English (I’d heard about a dozen various languages that day and I didn’t hear a lick of English come out of her mouth yet), got a spark in her eyes and she hopped up from her comfy spot in her camp chair, ran over to a branch and pulled a perfectly-shaped walking stick loose. She ran back to me, handed it to me and bowed her head with a big smile, saying something in her native tongue I didn’t understand.

I was taken aback – flat-out surprised – that a complete stranger was paying close enough attention to me to know that I needed help, and she was ready and willing to offer a solution. And thanks to her creative solution, I was able to dip my toes in the stream and discovered for myself just how freaking cold that water really was.

As an authorpreneur, how many times have you stood on the brink of the bank, longing to dip your toes into the cool waters of success, and missed what was right in front of you? How many times did a stranger reach out to help? And how many times did you ask for that help? The answer to that last question is probably not often.

The problem isn’t just that we don’t ask for help. The problem is also that (sorry, America) especially in the United States, we’re so engulfed in our own circumstances and issues that we fail to see how much those around us are desperately crying out for help. It’s a two-fold problem.

So… my first challenge to you is that you start paying more attention. Listen to what people in your community post on social media. Pay attention to what your audience wants – where they need help – and fulfill that need. Be willing to help them, and point them toward your book for a more in-depth solution.

Oh, your book isn’t done yet? That brings me to challenge #2. 😉 Now it’s your turn to ask for help. Ask a community of friends to support you and hold you accountable to get your book done. And if you need a bigger motivation and boost, get a coach. (Hint: Click here to see my coaching packages.)

I want to hear from you! Share your story in the comments below…

1. When have you stood at the brink of a cliff and asked for help to get to your own proverbial refreshing stream?

2. When have you wished you asked for help for something and didn’t?

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  • Aya Walksfar
    July 15, 2014

    Lovely story and a great lesson. Thanks.
    Aya Walksfar recently posted…AMONG THE SACRED ANCIENTSMy Profile

  • Reverend Mike Wanner
    July 15, 2014

    Beautiful Message. Beautiful story. Beautiful powerful observations. Well done. thanks

    I have been writing extensively as i have been off my feet for four months post-op surgery on five toes. Amongst the seven books that i have written are three dedicated to trauma healing for Veterans. I started July 1-5 to offer one on kindle and intend to do a different book on kindle free promo every month on a rotation basis. If you had an ideas for sharing the availability, i would appreciate hearing about that.

    Thanks and keep your messages coming.

    May you and all your readers be blessed AND SO IT IS!

  • Betty
    July 14, 2014

    I took the 30 day challenge and didn’t finish my book. Then I took a mini-vacation from writing. But now I’ve pulled myself up by my proverbial bootstraps and re-dedicated myself to writing again and I will still finish my book. In fact, I will purchase your new package, Kristen! Because I need help. And I will post to the mastermind group and to my partner, Ponn, because I need accountability (and more help). I’m really too close to quit now!

  • Virginia
    July 14, 2014

    What a delightful story about a stranger reaching out while she was enjoying her own family outing. That’s one of the nicest things I find when traveling.
    I’m on the brink now of finally publishing articles I have ready and waiting to “get out there”. Courses by you and others are my way of asking for help so far. Now it’s time to get more personal to get off both my but and butt.
    Hope you are enjoying Oregon – I live in Salem. Great state for scenery, museums, forts, parks, and friendly people.