How To Get Published If You Have No Time or Money

It’s the end of October and here in Ultimate Book Coach Headquarters we’ve published five eBooks and six print books – all this month! October is our busiest month of the year. I always thought it was because it’s after school has started, everyone’s on a routine, and most people realize if they want their book done before year-end they’d better get rolling on it now. But now I know the truth – October is National Book Month!

So what’s your excuse for not getting your book done by the end of the year? Is it time? Money? Fear? Here’s my top tips to defeat each one:


Making time to write can be a challenge. For some, focusing without outside influences (aka: internet or family interruptions) for 30 minutes each day can help get that book cranked out in no time. For others, getting away for a writing-intensive weekend works best. Whatever works for you – just do it. And for a 45-minute tutorial on how I wrote one of my books in 3 ½ days, click here!


Money can be a huge hindrance to getting your project completed, especially if you choose to publish independently. However, there are tools and resources at your disposal you may not know about. You can raise money on sites such as or from your friends and fans, get a corporate sponsorship for your project, pick up a part-time job, or simply give up Starbucks. In my experience, if someone really wants something and the passion and drive is there, they find a way to get it. For example, I know people who ate out four times per week and complained they couldn’t pay their electric bill. Money is a legitimate issue, but if you want your book done bad enough, you’ll find a way to get funding for it. Check out the resources above and get your project funded!


Many times in a free Jumpstart My Book! session, I’ll determine someone’s root issue is actually fear. Fear of success, fear of failure, fear that it’s been done before, fear of being judged, fear of not being good enough – it’s all the same, it’s all fear. There’s no easy way to get past debilitating fear. Counseling, life coaching, mindset exercises – they can all help to a degree. If you talk to me, I’ll tell you what my first business coach told me that changed my life. If you know someone has a problem, and you have the solution (your book), by not having it out there and not telling them about it (aka: selling), you are literally talking them out of their dream. And who do you think you are, talking someone else out of their dream? I mean, really? This perspective-changing thought took me to an entirely new level in my business and helped me publish three books in less than two years.

There may be other things hindering you from getting your book done. Sign up for a free Jumpstart my Book! session and together we can move you forward.

Enjoy the last few days of National Book Month and make it a goal to have your book published and changing lives before the next National Book Month rolls around!

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