[Guest Expert] Nicole Dean: It’s time to Awesomize Your Life!

At NAMS in February, I got to hear one of my super smart business coaches (she’s the one who kicked my butt to write and publish 18 Kindle books in 18 weeks…) spoke life-changing words in her awesome keynote. I wanted her to share a little more with you, so here’s a quick Q&A chat we had… Enjoy!

Me: Nicole, in your Keynote at NAMS, you were very passionate about the three areas of awesomization. Can you elaborate on those?

Nicole: “Yes, my mission in life is to help entrepreneurs, authors, speakers, coaches to Awesomize their Businesses, their Lives, and the World. I feel that, personally if I focus on only one of those areas then I feel incomplete. For instance, if I neglect my business, we have no income. Obviously that’s not an option. My business has to be given attention, but still, it’s all part of the balance, because I can’t neglect the other two areas to focus on my business either.

Let’s look at ‘Awesomizing your Life.’ A big part of that includes our health. We know that without a healthy body and mind, it’s hard to think and be creative and to achieve our dreams. Another part of our lives would be our immediate relationships. I created my business because I wanted to build a life around my family. I actually like my husband and my kids and I need to invest in those relationships. If I focus only on my business, then I endanger the relationships that mean the most to me.

And, finally, last but never least, ‘Awesomizing the World.’ I feel that it is my duty and obligation as an entrepreneur to make the world a better place. The best thing is that it doesn’t have to even be that hard to do all three. All it takes is being aware that we need to focus some actionable effort on all three every single day.

So, what is the Awesomization Nation? The Awesomization Nation is the amazing group of people that are coming together to do 30 Days of Awesomization for the month of April 2015. They’re all committing to doing 3 extra awesome acts each day. One in the area of Awesomizing their Lives, one towards Awesomizing their Businesses, and one towards Awesomizing the World. My personal belief is that this group of Awesome people will make a shift that doesn’t just change them but it TRANSFORMS them. I want them to be like the butterfly. A butterfly never goes back to being a caterpillar, right? That’s because the changes in it are a complete transformation. I want that for the members of my Awesomizatoni Nation, too.

What would an author get out of being part of the 30 Days of Awesomization? The best part of the Awesomization Nation is that you work on what’s important to YOU. If you’re also participating in Kristen’s Kindle in 30 Challenge during April, GREAT! Commit to writing 500-1000 words per day for the first 15 days of April. That’s more than enough to write your book. Then, what’s next? You might outsource the formatting of the book, so you switch your efforts to planning and creating the marketing plan for your book so it actually makes you money. While you’re doing that, you’re also thinking about awesomizing your life, so you might get a fitbit and commit to walking 5000 steps every day. Not only will that help you to feel better, but it will help you to write better, too.

And, also, when thinking about awesomizing the world, you decide to put one item every day into a box for charity – which helps you to feel lighter and gets you into the pattern of releasing the things you’re holding tight to, including the feelings of insecurity. All of this comes together in a perfect storm of awesomeness as you wrap up the month by publishing and marketing your book.

Click here to join the Awesomization Nation!

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