An Open Letter to the “Mask Maker Police”

I personally know several people getting criticized for making and selling masks… When in their cases they’ve already donated several hundred of them, at their personal expense (cost of materials and time).

What I’ve seen is the people that criticize also have no issue sitting on their asses doing nothing collecting money from the government…

Money that would not be there if businesses didn’t make money and pay taxes that funded that “free” money going into their pockets. Think about that for a minute… How do people pay taxes? Because they earn money. How do they earn? Usually with a job. How did they get the job? They interviewed with an employer. Businesses and business owners usually pay a whole lot more in taxes than employees do. That is where these government assistance programs are coming from.

In my opinion, these “Mask Maker Police” have no right to criticize someone that’s trying to feed their kids or at least cover their costs… which in many cases these people aren’t even making anything for labor when they sell masks – just materials.

Now if there was price gouging going on, I’d get it. But this just likens back to the opinion that artists should do everything for free and small businesses should donate to anyone that asks for a donation because if they don’t, “all they care about is their profits.”

A business without profits = a business no longer in business which means there will no longer be someone to ask for that donation from in the future.

So next time you see someone negatively jump all over a seamstress or small business for selling masks, remember that these people are just trying to survive. They’re people and have families to feed too. If you see someone criticizing, find the strength to stand up for the underdog seamstress or small business.

It’s about time we start standing up for the little guy instead of always asking them to give us something. Let’s all do a little so it can add up to a lot!

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