3 Top Travel Tips for Entrepreneurs

I travel. A lot. I go to business conferences and travel for research and writing retreats all over the world. Here are some NEW work-while-you-travel tips I learned in the past few days:

Have MyFi, will mostly stay connected

I’m typing this from I-90 West out in the middle of nowhere somewhere in Wyoming. I think. Honestly after passing through 12 states in the past 6 days, I can say without my MyFi card and no access to internet, my business would slow down. Get yourself a MyFi card to stay connected to your business while you’re away.

Remember that “mostly”

MyFi doesn’t guarantee you’ll always have access to the internet. And that’s OK! Remembering to breathe while traveling is essential to stay healthy, see the sights and to recharge your mind and body. So what’s the secret to still making money and doing business if you can’t stay connected to your customers? That takes us to #3…

Build a team

I’m in the process of training my first ever Client Services Manager (sounds cool, doesn’t it?). In the past I’ve had VAs and Online Business Managers help keep my business afloat when I faced a family tragedy or was out of the country for a few days. In order to truly get a break and take more than an afternoon off work, you need to have someone else helping you behind the scenes. Start with a VA and work your way up from there. You’ll be so glad you did!

I hope that the next time you travel you can stop and smell the roses as well as keep your business growing while you’re gone. And remember to stop and look at your surroundings. There are some pretty cool things to see in the world!

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Now it’s your turn. What are your top travel tips?

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  • Jeff
    July 14, 2014

    Get off the beaten path, go have breakfast/lunch where the locals go, not the tourists. They’ll tell you about life and customs in the area. Seek out a local family neighborhood bar/tavern (not a chain) where they serve food for dinner. Maybe eat at the bar, chat w/bartender and others around (alcohol not required), shoot pool with family types. Ask what they do for fun in the area, most important things to visit, etc What’s most important to them?