2014 Giving Project Check-In #1

As of today I’ve given away $130. Wow, it’s so cool to think about the lives I’m touching—most of whom I don’t even know. Since I got started late, I gave the first $50 in the form of an Amazon gift card to a gal I spent a weekend with last Fall. She’d been on my heart in a heavy way, and no matter who I thought of giving that money to I kept circling back to her. So I did it, even though I “know” her (we’ve been sort of in and out of touch for the past few months), and I found out later she was having trouble paying her rent. My heart flip-flopped when I heard her. Here’s to listening to my intuition!

This personal challenge hasn’t been without its tough moments, either. It’s not easy to continue to give even this seemingly small amount every day when little to no money is coming in. Running a business isn’t a steady paycheck—more often it’s feast or famine. I’ve had to battle some inner negative thoughts like, “What if you don’t have enough?” and “What if this challenge means you can’t pay your own bills?” Then in my karate goal setting seminar I was reminded by the Grand Master that every time we give, it comes back to us—TEN FOLD. As I’m entering a “famine” phase in my business income, I’m clinging to that promise of a harvest. Thus I’ll press on and continue to give no matter what, even if I’m not sure if I’ll be able to pay myself in the next month.

Because if personal past financial difficulties have taught me anything, it’s that the promise is correct: give and you shall receive.

I’m choosing to focus on how much of a ball I’m having with this project instead of the temporary ramifications to my bank account. It’s also meant I’ve dipped into some of my “fun money” that I put away for summertime adventures. And that’s OK, because these gifts that touch so many lives are more important than the additional toys I can add to my office collection.

Ways I’ve given so far include:

  • Amazon gift cards
  • Gift cards through Facebook to people I’m connected to who I don’t really know. (Did you know you can go to Facebook Gifts and search for any Facebook friend’s name and send them something that matches their particular “Likes?” So cool!)
  • Cash left in the rest room at Whole Foods.
  • Cash left on someone’s windshield in a shopping center parking lot.
  • Paid for a movie ticket for the next person in line.
  • Handed cash to a complete stranger getting into her car next to mine.

I’m not sure what’s more fun—giving money away or coming up with creative ways to do it. It’s only mid-January and I have a lot of days left to go, so I’d love your ideas on other ways I can bless people with a random $10!

Give me your ideas in the comments below! I look forward to keeping you updated with regular posts!

Photo courtesy Shutterstock, Watchara Ritjan

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