Reason #1 Why You are “Good Enough” to Write a Book

You’re aspiring to be an author. Or maybe you’re already an author and aspiring to be a successful author. Either way, you’ve probably encountered doubts at one point or another on if you’re good enough to write a book. And that’s what this 12-part blog series is all about… 12 Reasons Why You are “Good Enough” to write a book. (Stay tuned to this space for all the other reasons!)

Let’s start with the facts…

The fact is, 81% of humanity wants to write a book. That’s a LOT of people! But the fact is, less than 20% actually make their dream a reality. What sets those 20% apart from those others in that huge number who don’t complete their dream? I believe it’s Reason #1: You’re not willing to give up on your dream.

So many aspiring authors come up with a great idea, write it down, then forget about it and “life” gets in the way. Or they have that great idea, they start it, then the seeds of doubt begin to settle in the fertile soil of their insecure minds and they get stopped in their tracks. Or they have that great idea, then another, and another, and… before you know it, they have 248 half- or partially-finished projects cluttering up their computers… and their lives.

And once in a while… once in a great while… one of those ideas makes it to fruition. It may be days, weeks, months, or even 10 years later, but that book baby is finally birthed and ready to take over the world with the fabulous message within its pages. That ONE idea coming to fruition often gives emotional fuel to another idea… and days, weeks, months, or even 10 years after that first “baby” is birthed, comes another… The third time gets a little easier, and so on.

But getting that first one out… releasing that first book. Or finishing that first project… That’s the hardest thing of all. Mean-spirited people who are easily made jealous by your success will question your motives. Well-meaning people will question whether you’re “up to the task” and still “taking care of yourself.” And those who are there to encourage you every step of the way are often so wrapped up in their own dreams and goals they forget to reach out to you.

So what’s a dreamer to do?

First, you need to ask yourself a couple of questions:

Is your dream big enough?

Often, the reason our dreams don’t come to fruition is because they’re not big, or challenging enough. They’re not enough of a stretch… just enough to make us a little uncomfortable, but big enough to be exciting. Without that excitement there’s very l little (if any) passion. Without passion there’s not much energy. And without energy, well, you’d rather take a nap than work on your book.

Are you MAKING time for your dream?

I recently started reframing how I think about time. I used to say, “I just didn’t have the time” or “I don’t have time.” But the fact is, we ALL get the same exact amount of time in a day. Some choose to spend it burying their lives in a bag of chips with reality TV. Some choose to spend it educating themselves, taking courses, reading books, and spending so much time filling their heads with knowledge, they never take action. And still some blame everyone and everything else for them not MAKING time for what they SAY they want to do in life.

So I’m going to throw out a challenge to you… Change ONE WORD… Change “have,” to “make.”

“I don’t have the time” becomes… “I don’t make the time.”

“I didn’t have time” becomes… “I didn’t make time.” (ooh that one HURTS!)

The bottom line is, if your dream is important enough, you will make the time. If it’s big enough, you will make the time. And if it excites you, you’ll find the time. You already have the time, all you have to do is make that dream a little bigger and schedule it.

And if you do those truly simple things, you’re one of those aspiring authors who’s not willing to give up on your dream.

Which also means… therefore, by definition, you are “good enough” to write that book!

Not sure how to find the time or easily get distracted?

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