OMG! CreateSpace is CLOSING?!?

Ever since this article was published about Amazon laying off 58 workers at their North Charleston self-publishing services, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen authors panicking all over social media.

And before you freak out, let me ask you one question… Would it really be smart of a major company, whose foundation has always been books, to amputate one of their legs that their company stands on?

In case your eyes are huge and you’ve started to hyperventilate, the answer to that question is NO.

No company in their right mind would do that! Now, would a company choose to get back to their roots, because one division they opened later isn’t earning the profit they hoped it would?


And that’s exactly what Amazon is doing. In case you’ve been living under a rock and still don’t realize this, Amazon owns CreateSpace. Back in the day they bought a little book printer called Booksurge, revamped that entire company under the new brand of CreateSpace, fixed some serious quality control issues, then added self-publishing services as the demand for professional editors, cover designers, and the like increased.

Then all of a sudden “independent publishers” (aka: vanity/self-publishing service providers, etc.) popped up everywhere, giving CreateSpace and other big author service providers a literal run for their money. And it seems like now, CreateSpace has finally had enough of dwindling profits, and they’ve gotten smart and decided to go back to their roots of offering book printing services.

This means you can still print your book with CreateSpace!

This means CreateSpace is NOT closing and NOT going out of business! (Yet…)

This means you don’t have to freak out anymore! (YAY!)

CreateSpace makes a lot of money off authors. And it still remains to be seen if they will eventually blend with the new “KDP Print” program… which is a topic for another post.

For now, rest assured that your book is safe, you can still print with CreateSpace, and you can still easily use their portal to get your book on Amazon.

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