New Book Marketing Tool Alert!

New Tool!

This thing is pretty awesome for creating 3D graphics. Why 3D graphics? Because if you use 3D images for your book covers on websites, print materials, social media, etc. it automatically increases the perceived value of your book. Higher value = more book sales. Period.

Beyond perceived value to your reader, the quality of your cover design can make or break your book sales… That’s why it’s super cool that this tool makes it easy to create an e-cover in just a few minutes – no design experience necessary! They even have built-in templates! (YAY!)

Check it out here ==>

Watch it in Action!

My awesome husband and author trainer extraordinairre, Tony, put together a demo of this easy-to-use tool ==>

This tool is better than the one I’ve been using, not to mention cheaper, so even I’m switching! Enjoy!

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