Meet My Secret Weapon

Cindy Morus, my OBM

I’m asked about once a month how I get so much done. How do I stay focused? How do I launch so many products and programs? How do I keep up with my newsletter? One stop on The Great American Book Coaching Tour was to meet up with my secret weapon: my Online Business Manager (OBM).

I’ve been working with Cindy Morus (or should I say I’ve put her to work for me) since January. She has whipped me into shape, helped me focus and taken a lot of the administrative “to-do’s” off my list. While we were on tour, she managed my web development team’s installation of a new online program’s integration into that will make membership easier for us to manage and a better experience for members, got my newsletter up and running regularly and kept everything running smoothly while I was “out” of the brick and mortar office.

And the cool thing is, I have never met Cindy in person—until now. The internet is an amazing tool. While on a free teleseminar by Carrie Wilkerson, Cindy and I met on Tweetchat and hit it off right away. I knew I needed more than just a Virtual Assistant to help me manage all the crazy brainchildren that kept pouring out of me. And I also knew I needed someone to help me focus so the ideas could become reality. Cindy has been all that for me and more.

We met up at Cucina Paradiso in Petaluma, CA and over dinner she briefed me on the status of the latest project. It was so nice to get to not only meet Cindy in person, but hear all the issues she was able to take care of while I was on the road. Though I was still accessible to my clients, it was nice to know I had backup to take care of the nitty gritty details of running a business and didn’t have to do everything myself (plus drive about 500 miles each day).

After dinner, I ducked into Viva Cocolat, a gourmet chocolate shop next door to the restaurant that I personally think is the home of the prettiest chocolates. While there I got a taste of my first European sipping chocolate (OMG!!!) and met an extraordinary sculptor who literally builds Hobbit house type structures. And naturally, he’s been wanting to write a book. We traded business cards (his had a smudge of red clay on it which I thought was perfectly genuine) and promised to keep in touch.

It’s amazing who you meet on a road trip, and it’s awesome to find people who can bring some of our favorite fiction to life. Between hugging Cindy in person for the first time and meeting Micah the natural builder, my trip down the California coast was a memorable one.

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