The Truth about Puzzle Books

There have been a lot of people marketing this “latest book trend” over the past several weeks. And while yes, it is a trend, the truth is it’s not the “latest” anything.

The fact is, the puzzle “fad” has been around since the early 1900s (around 1915, actually) when newspapers and magazines looked for a way to increase their subscribers, so they started including puzzles in their publications.

The result? Their subscriber bases went from 70,000 to over 800,000 in only 2 months! That’s around 700% per month growth!

In fact, they were so popular that subscribers pounded libraries looking for answers to the puzzles, and the New York Public Library had to actually put a stop to it because they couldn’t handle the volume of people checking out books.

The popularity of puzzles spurred an entire publishing movement to puzzle books. And these books have remained consistent best sellers even today!

The Bad News & The Good

The “bad” news is, puzzle books are actually not a new trend, at all, and they will probably never take over the market like coloring books or Harry Potter. The good news is, they have been popular for 100 years and continue to be evergreen best sellers. They’re consumable products just like coloring books and journals, which means not only do people collect them, but they use them and buy more.

And THAT means you can create a consistent flow of book royalties (as well as have a super fun amazing time creating the puzzles) by creating your own puzzle and activity books!

Create your own!

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  • Dharamdat
    May 21, 2018

    I have created a few exciting, education and entertaining puzzle books that are fun. I created them to help people who are dyslexic.
    I need help to publish them.